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Dance Photography


Freezing Timeless Moments in Motion

In addition to photography, dance has been a passion of mine with over 35 years of professional teaching and dance experience throughout Northern California. I can think of no better way than to combine these two elements in a way that reflects the beauty and expression of dance with the creativity of photography. The dancer can rest assured that the eye behind the camera is well trained and versed in the techniques of dance and has the ability to highlight the dancers strengths for some unique and treasured memories.

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Dance Sessions

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Recital Sessions

We offer recital dance sessions to studios in and around the greater Sacramento Area, including the Bay Area. There is absolutely no cost to studio owners, we will come in, set-up and photograph your dancers! Clients pre-register and then simply view and select their desired photos on-line.

We offer a variety of packages to fit everyones budget, from our popular Memory Mates to our Seasonal Specials!

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